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Brookdale Hospital

Brookdale Hospital

The Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center is one of Brooklyn's largest voluntary nonprofit teaching hospitals and a regional tertiary care center.  Brookdale provides general and specialized inpatient care to thousands of people every year, in addition to 24-hour emergency services, numerous outpatient programs and long-term specialty care.

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Brookdale History

It's hard to believe that The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, one of the largest nonprofit voluntary teaching hospitals in Brooklyn, began as just one small building rising amid the vacant fields and scattered farms where Brownsville, East New York and Canarsie meet.

Brownsville Ambulance

Today, the hospital covers a 14-acre campus plus six ambulatory care sites , with over 30 buildings devoted to inpatient, ambulatory, long-term care and emergency services, and has the latest technology for patient care.

The original building has endured and so too has the spirit and philosophy of the men and women who struggled to build, equip and staff what they termed a haven of healing for all who needed it.

While it was "small change"--literally nickels, dimes and the occasional dollar--that the founders collected to build their hospital, there was nothing small about their vision.  Members of the Jewish community wanted a hospital that served people of all races and creeds in a humanitarian manner.

Here are a few highlights from more than 75 years of excellence:

The Brooklyn Eagle, April 11, 1921, reports that the Brownsville and East New York Hospital opened with 75 beds.

In 1928, a new four-story Maternity Pavilion is completed, bringing beds to 170.

During the 1930s, the hospital extends services beyond East New York.

Renamed Beth-El Hospital in 1932.

Brookdale Nurses

In the 1940s, famed physicians join staff:  Dr. Harold Neuhoff, Dr. Bela Schick, Dr. Isidore Snapper.

Physicians' residency programs and nursing training programs expand in the 1940s and the beginnings of today's extensive research programs take shape.

In 1954, new X-ray facilities are added; other expansion brings bed total to 390.

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory opens in 1959.

Building expansion in the early 1960s, bringing beds up to 500.

In 1963, the name changes to The Brookdale Hospital Center; the hospital address becomes known as "Brookdale Plaza" in 1966.

Named The Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in 1971.

The Comprehensive Care Center Opens in 1971.

The Schulman and Schachne Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation relocates to Brookdale in 1973.

The Community Mental Health Center opens in 1973.

The Radutzky Emergency Care Pavilion opens in 1982.

New kidney hemodialysis and ambulatory infusion units open in 1988.

Linroc Nursing Home opens in 1993.

Network of Brookdale Family Care Centers built for primary and preventive care in the community begins and is completed during the 1990s.

An AIDS Designated Center is established in 1993; it is later renamed the Treatment for Life Center.

The maternity/labor & delivery suites undergo a major renovation.

In September 1995, Brookdale enters a partnership with Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and forms Neighborhood Health Providers (NHP), a comprehensive Medicaid Managed Care program.

In 1996 the Center of Excellence in Oncology is established as is the Brooklyn Eye Institute.

A neuroangiography suite is one of several new technological advances of the 1990s' major modernization program, which continues to update and modernize the facility and its clinical programs.

1997 saw the ground-breaking and construction of 87 units of senior citizen housing .

Major renovation of the Radutzky Emergency Care pavilion is completed in May of 1997.

In 1997, the Linroc Nursing Home is renamed the Schulman and Schachne Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation

1998 brought the completion of a $200 million Major Modernization Project which includes state-of-the-art technology and major improvements to the facility's infrastructure all to take the institution well into the 21st century.

The Arlene and David Schlang Pavilion, senior citizens housing for residents who can live independently and for those who require an Assisted Living Program opens its doors.

Clinical alliance with The New York and Presbyterian Hospitals Care Network Inc.

1 Brookdale Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11212, US