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Brooklyn Hospital Center

Brooklyn Hospital Center

Brooklyn Hospital Center

We are proud to offer you the finest specialty care and the latest in high technology in a modern setting that has transformed the borough's first hospital into Brooklyn's newest. Our staff is dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs. We are committed to making your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. More than 500,000 people a year come for medical care at both The Brooklyn Hospital Center and the Caledonian Health Center.

The Brooklyn Hospital Center will provide a continuum of coordinated health and related services to all people of Brooklyn and surrounding areas, guided by the following values and principles:


We are a healthcare system dedicated to providing access to quality services and education that improve the well being of our communities.


To be recognized as the institution of choice for healthcare services, education and employment in Brooklyn.


COMMUNITY - We are committed to helping all members of our community in need of healthcare services by providing superior service with skill, concern and compassion.

OWNERSHIP - We are accountable for all of the resources that are entrusted to us. Using our best clinical judgment and management practices, we demonstrate a commitment to accountability, for the human and. financial resource entrusted to us.

RESPECT - We practice consideration and show appreciation for all who pass through our doors and promote respect for others through all of our actions.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE - We have the privilege of being able to make a difference in peoples' lives and an opportunity to do great work. Therefore we will anticipate and meet patient and customer needs and strive to exceed their expectations daily.

TEAMWORK - We believe in individuals and departments working cooperatively as a mutually supportive team with trust and commitment. Working together, we are willing to offer new ideas and accept change for the better.

Visiting Hours

General Visiting Hours 11 am to 8 pm

(medical/surgical units)

Pediatrics Parents may visit from 7 am to 10 pm;

One (1) parent may remain after 10 pm;

All others can visit from noon to 8 pm.

Intensive Care Units 11 am to 3 pm;  5 pm to 8 pm

Only two (2) people are permitted to visit a patient at a time.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Noon to 2 pm; 5 to 7 pm

Parents may visit all day until 10 pm.

Parents may visit after 10 pm at the discretion of the nursing staff.

Maternity 11 am to 8 pm

Fathers: 9 am to 10 pm

Siblings: 4pm to 6 pm

Children who wish to visit must be at least six years of age and accompanied by an adult. Children who wish to visit the Maternity floors must be at least two years of age; visits by children under age six to the Pediatrics floor visitation is at the discretion of the Nursing staff.