RootHospital has a number of advertising opportunities for mesicals websites on our review platform. We've worked with dozens of clients over the years to provide high-quality traffic to a variety of different products and have multiple successful campaigns. On this page, we'll break down what opportunities are available for individuals and companies alike to advertise on RootHospital.


·       1 Homepage Banner Placement

These are our primary advertising spots, located on the homepage of RootHospital currently below 'New York Hospiyals' and 'LA Hospitas'. This is a 300 x 250 pixel area which you can populate with a still image or GIF. We can host this locally or you can provide a content source (with some conditions).

·       2  Menu Tabs

We're currently open to offers for spots on our global header to replace our links.  We can replace these with other keywords if you'd like to advertise other products in this area.

·       3  Background Skin

We're willing to replace the background skin on RootHospital's homepage – or globally – to clients that wish to make a big impression. The entire area can be made clickable and we can even assist you in getting the skin made.

·       4  Blog Posts

Want a blog post on RootHospital? Get in touch with us and we can arrange to have a lifetime post dedicated to whatever adult topic you want in our blog area. RootHospital has an in-house copywriter that will write up the content for you, or you can choose to submit your own blog posts that you have created yourself. Note that we do have some guidelines for submitted content and they'll have to pass our quality checks before being accepted.

·       5  Other Opportunities

Got another idea for how you'd like to work with RootHospitali? Get in touch – we're quite open to new advertising methods and systems. Our platform is highly flexible and we can tailor an advertising package to suit your specific needs.